FactoryEye makes Industry 4.0 easy, connecting shop floor to top floor without the need to change existing infrastructure or IT systems

FactoryEye provides manufacturers with real-time insights into their business and enables them to make live, dynamic, proactive decisions in response to rapidly changing circumstances.

With FactoryEye you can gain control of your factory performance by Fully integrating information flow from order to delivery, connecting existing ERP, CRM, PLM, WMS, Data Hub and Production floor.

Plug & Play production floor deployment with tangible increase of 30% in production efficiency within months, along with live feedback loops with advanced analytics tools generating actionable items.

The benefits of Industry 4.0 accessible to any manufacturing company

Our solution combines shop-floor-to-top-floor software technologies with integration, customization and manufacturing expertise to improve your business results.

We Make the Data Work for You

FactoryEye unlocks your data, making all mission-critical and siloed data visible and available in real-time. And better yet, without changing your existing systems and infrastructure.

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