Meeting Industry 4.0 and OEE Goals with Real-time Analytics to Increase Factory Performance for General Manufacturing

There are a variety of mid-sized manufacturers around the globe who make products that do not fit neatly into any of the standard industry vertical categories. Some of these manufacturers produce products that may have applications across multiple categories such as consumer products, building, chemical, construction, energy, cosmetics, agriculture, equipment, machinery, or textiles. Some general manufacturers make highly specialized products that are integrated as part of a larger product through an OEM (original equipment manufacturers) agreement. 

No matter how unique the industry, all manufacturers should be thinking of ways to collect real-time data from existing machinery and operational systems to bring continuous improvement to their manufacturing process. This real-time data can be transformed into actionable intelligence that will help track inventory and supply chain management while reducing production inefficiencies. 

To remain competitive, general manufacturers must increase productivity and improve quality to meet customer’s specifications while reducing unit costs. Investing in digital transformation allows businesses to gain better control of processes and ensure clearer analytical insights to improve production decisions. To continuously improve the shop floor, custom manufacturers must obtain end-to-end visibility of their processes.

FactoryEye manufacturing consultants work with all types of customers to harmonize their systems and fit the right tools for their needs. Consultants analyze business processes for what is working, formulate a plan to add what is missing from existing systems and create sprints to deliver immediate results. A dynamic cycle of data collection and analysis allows for continuous improvement and flexibility in the optimization process for any industry.

Digital Transformation for General Manufacturing

In today’s competitive market, decision makers at all levels must be equipped with the best intelligence to make informed decisions at the right time. This process begins with collecting data from each machine on the shop floor and consolidating it into meaningful information for different levels of the organization. The goal is to deliver contextualized actionable information to shop floor managers and top-level executives in real-time. To do this, you need to implement digital technology that revolutionizes your factory through a series of adaptive changes. 

How FactoryEye Transforms Productivity for General Manufacturing

FactoryEye is an affordable Industry 4.0 solution for mid-sized manufacturers that transforms data into actionable intelligence and provides visibility from the shop floor to the top floor. It supports monitoring of the entire process to enable manufacturers to achieve objectives such as:

  • Improve machine intelligence with a better connection of equipment and existing IT resources alongside smart data collection to enable greater selling, production, and service agility.
  • Digital recipe management and integration of electronic weights for adherence with product specification – each final product coming out of the injection machine is analyzed to compare inputs and outputs in real-time which ensures higher quality and reduces waste.
  • Improve cost per unit by continuously monitoring, in real-time, equipment OEE so that teams increase outputs per work order with maintenance management to optimize product quality.
  • Scrap reduction through the implementation of real-time statistical process control (SPC) to execute preventive activities based on trends and changes in product and production parameters.
  • Seamless connectivity of key information systems like ERP, MES, PLM and QMS enables optimization of production planning, scheduling, procurement, and logistics. 

How Does FactoryEye Help You Move to Industry 4.0?

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