Meeting Industry 4.0 and OEE Goals with Real-time Analytics to Increase Factory Performance in the Medical Device Industry

In recent years, the medical device industry has been growing and adapting due to factors such as the raising geriatric population, the growing prevalence of chronic conditions, and the increase in complex surgical procedures. This industry must ensure that its factory performance can stay flexible enough to adapt any new regulatory requirements driven by healthcare standards organizations while generating continuous improvement in production.

Some of the emerging products which are transforming the medical device industry include wearable fitness technology, the Internet of Medical Things, medical robots, 3D printed objects, Genomic Medicine, computer vision and device connectivity.

The constant evolution of medical device regulations means that manufacturers should implement a data management strategy that provides a complete view of data to help with ongoing compliance and regulations. Embracing a new innovative solution will help medical device manufacturers benefit from well-defined processes to enable them to be more responsive, pave the way for more advances, and design for longer lifespans – all while reducing costs and ensuring optimum service quality and safety.

In addition, as the medical device industry progresses and becomes more digitized, this has created a pressing concern for the cybersecurity of medical devices. Data-driven decision making would be more impactful to inspections and the supply chain and enables manufacturers to be more responsive.

Digital Transformation in the Medical Device Industry

In today’s competitive market, decision makers at all levels must be equipped with the best intelligence to make the right decisions at the right time. This process begins with collecting data from each machine on the shop floor and consolidating it into meaningful information for different levels of the organization. The goal is to deliver contextualized actionable information to shop floor managers and top-level executives in real-time. To do this, you need to implement digital technology that will revolutionize your factory through a series of adaptive changes. 

How FactoryEye Transforms Productivity in the Medical Device Industry

FactoryEye is an affordable Industry 4.0 solution for mid-sized manufacturers that transforms data into actionable intelligence and provides visibility from the shop floor to the top floor. It supports monitoring of the entire process to enable medical device manufacturers to achieve objectives such as:

  • Use gateways to normalize data streams and obtain a coherent and actionable picture of your production status in real-time.
  • Centralize plant-level data with a variety of dashboards and/or connect all production locations (including subcontractors) in the cloud for an agile, real-time assessment of throughput and product changeovers in a highly secured environment.
  • Collect data from machines to evaluate parameters (and deviations) on a part-by-part-produced basis, analyze it, and derive insights to best comply with regulatory requirements and reduce callbacks.
  • Improve efficiency by installing sensors in key points of automated assembly lines and take advantage of manufacturing software that displays aggregated production data in real-time, with easy-to-understand graphs and visualization.
  • Seamless connectivity of key information systems like ERP, MES, PLM and QMS enables optimization of production planning, scheduling, procurement, and logistics. 

How Does FactoryEye Help You Move to Industry 4.0?

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