Total Integration

FactoryEye fully integrates all of your business processes with our advanced integration platform – without the need to to rip and replace existing systems.

ERP, CRM, PLM, MES, WMS, SCM systems and more, can now speak fluently with each other.

Imagine: Your CRM orders flow seamlessly into the ERP system. The ERP work orders and PLM technical specs are sent to the production floor. MES production reports and WMS inventory reports flow back to the ERP system. Supply chain is updated online with customer orders and inquiries, production progress, and planning. Stakeholders in every department are kept on top of the numbers in real time, reducing waste and increasing profitability. Everyone is on the same page, all the time.

Easy Industry 4.0 integration

Production Floor Connectivity

Accurate and real-time production floor data collection is a crucial element to increasing productivity and business performance for manufacturers.

FactoryEye’s production floor management system offers a plug & play solution,  focused on what your factory needs to improve performance

FactoryEye advantages include:

  • Plug and Play connectivity to all machines and workstations (old and new, manual or automatic)
  • Mobile connectivity with a native, dedicated mobile app, generating push notifications for actionable items and providing online visibility to your production process
  • Paperless factory with a dedicated stationary operator tablet app; Ensure your operators have all the information they need to reach best performance
  • Internal messaging system reducing response time and increasing communication
  • Quality, maintenance, task management & Gantt based planning modules
  • WIP inventory control and management

Analytics platform

  • FactoryEye’s intuitive analytics platform provides visibility to all data sources and turns it into meaningful information and actionable insights
  • Managers can review and analyze information coming from all of the company’s IT systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, MES, WMS, SCM) in one place

Our Analytics Platform Includes:

  • Machine learning analytics tools with step-by-step, easy to use wizards
  • Out-of-the-box predictive engine, which generates predictive maintenance and demand forecasting
  • Intuitive dashboard creation tools, with drill down report capabilities
  • Natural language query tools
  • Actionable alarms and notifications for business leaders

Manufacturing experience

FactoryEye was designed to help you increase business performance.

Our manufacturing experts are here to make sure your factory reaches its full business potential. 

With vast experience in advanced manufacturing techniques and long years of manufacturing management and consulting, our team of experts will help you get the results your business needs.

From the initial design session, through  the implementation process, and as long as we can provide value, we will be by your side. 

Our consultants help define real-world measurable business targets by employing the “Gemba Walk”. We walk the floor with you to identify waste and potential use cases to integrate new technologies into your day-to-day business processes with a focus on increasing profitability. 

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