Albéa Packaging is the world’s leading cosmetic packaging wholesaler, with 32 manufacturing sites across 14 countries.  

With over 50 years of experience, Albéa offers the world’s largest range of beauty and personal care packaging. They are market leaders in plastic and laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, and samplers, and the recognized expertise in a wide range of cosmetic packaging.

Achieving better visibility to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction

Albéa group needed clearer visibility into their customers’ consumption patterns in order to efficiently coordinate production across multiple sites. 

Magic xpi manufacturing solution brought complete visibility into the manufacturing processes and is now used as a key vector for orchestrating flows and data cohesion across the entire organization. 

Initially chosen for a project regarding customer relationship optimization, Magic xpi has gradually been implemented in multiple projects, currently driving over 25 initiatives throughout the company. 

Integrating CRM and ERP systems to improve sales team efficiency

Albéa’s digital transformation journey was already underway, utilizing tools such as an ERP (SAP) and a Salesforce as their CRM. Unfortunately, these tools were not communicating with each other, leading to inefficiencies and delays. 

Magic xpi has enabled Albéa to establish the first functional data flows between Salesforce CRM and eCommerce websites. With up-to-date information at their fingertips, Albéa’s sales team are able to deliver a dynamic and efficient follow-up process with customers, boosting sales performance.

With magic xpi integration, all systems are connected into a unified workflow, providing real-time visibility into the sales process. Prospective contacts are recorded in the Customer MDM; then orders are entered into SAP ERP, where invoicing and then the collection is handled. The invoice status is displayed in the CRM simultaneously, providing the sales team with 360-degree visibility of the entire sales process.

Achieving 360-degree visibility into customer data

At the time, another strategic initiative kicked off at Albéa. The MDM (Master Data Management) project’s goal was to ensure that the information model used to manage a customer across the company’s many applications was standardized within a shared repository. 

After the great success with the initial CRM/ERP integration project, Albea’s IT team saw the potential for the key role that the Magic xpi platform could play as a vector for orchestrating and harmonizing flows in complex projects across business departments.

Magic xpi was used to integrate the Master Data Management (MDM) with over 25 critical business applications throughout the company, including:

  • Bevolta, a Supply Chain Management, Automating, and Optimizing solution. The tool uses forecasting algorithms to meet customer demands.
  • HRM solutions Cornerstone (talent management)
  • ADP (payroll)
  • Neocase (HR digitization and finance)

First tested on an initial CRM-ERP integration project, we quickly noticed the great efficiency of the Magic xpi platform. The gains in development and deployment agility enabled us to extend the tool to other more strategic projects, including Customer MDM. The need to harmonize integration projects reinforced our decision to generalize the platform. » Lydia Ibgui, Projects Manager: Interface and EDI, Albéa Packaging

Improved Demand to Production Forecasting with DDMRP

Albéa Group has long used the “traditional” method of MRP to plan material requirements for production. However, with today’s volatile and highly variable market demands, Albéa needed to implement a more innovative and flexible solution such as DDMRP.

To achieve this, the Albea team turned to Magic xpi to act as a flow orchestrator between the SAP ERP and the Bevolta Demand-Based Resource Planning tool.

Initially deployed at three production sites in France, the project is now in action at eleven plants, enabling production capacity to be optimized under the best possible conditions.

Driving digital transformation in manufacturing

Albéa Packaging was ultimately able to achieve 360° visibility through a series of projects with Magic xpi Integration Platform. 

Utilizing the magic xpi platform, Albéa’s IT team created a common data model across multiple business applications, driving integral visibility into the Information Systems for all stakeholders, enabling the enterprise’s business teams to access information consistently. 

In addition, sales performance improved and production capacity optimized according to demand generated by eleven group plants. Sales teams benefit from 360-degree visibility into customer data, and customer MDM guarantees efficient data integration throughout the whole enterprise.

Magic xpi empowers IT teams to act quickly when tackling sensitive projects involving critical business applications. This agility is crucial for a dynamic and demanding mid-size company like Albéa Packaging. Each project took only 15 days on average to implement, empowering Albea to boost digital transformation gains quickly.

Today, more than ten plants are becoming more agile, thanks to innovative customer demand management that optimizes production flows.