End to End Integration

FactoryEye is an end-to-end solution connecting “shop-floor to top-floor” through:

  • Full integration of all IT systems in your company (ERP, CRM, PLM, MES, WMS, SCM)
  • Real time production floor data collection
  • An advanced analytics system covering all data layers
  • Collaboration with Magic’s team of manufacturing consultants, who are able to fully customize the implementation according to your business needs
Data Driven Decision Making for Manufacturers
Improve Manufacturing Efficiency with FactoryEye

Real Time Visibility and Insights for All Management Levels

  • FactoryEye unifies management tools and KPIs on all levels from machine operators to top management
  • Operational teams can now work with real-time insights. Required tasks and “to-dos” such as upcoming set-ups, equipment repairs, material/inventory movement, quality tests, late deliveries, and inventory shortages are now dealt with on the spot
  • Team leaders keep on top of team tasks and performance, with full visibility anytime, anywhere, and live “Push notification” insights sent directly to their mobile devices
  • Business level managers can make informed decisions based on accurate, live, information and advanced analytics tools with business-level KPIs, reports, and notifications available anywhere, anytime

Why Magic Software?

Magic Software is a global company that empowers manufacturers with the latest technology, drawing on over 35 years of experience, 24 regional offices, millions of installations worldwide, and strategic alliances with global IT leaders. 

Our community is our biggest asset. The Magic team firmly believes that, and collaborates closely with our customers and over 1000 business partners in over 50 countries. We are the top choice for mid-sized manufacturers looking to make the smooth transition to Industry 4.0.

Improve OEE in Your Factory
Real Time Data for Manufacturers

Creating a roadmap to operational excellence together

Our manufacturing consultants work with you to customize your factory’s Industry 4.0 transformation; together we analyze your business, formulate a long-term plan and drive the optimization of processes. We jointly decide where and how to start. If supply chain issues are cutting into your bottom line, we tackle that first, then move on to production costs, demand forecasting, or whatever comes next. FactoryEye is designed to enable painless change innovation at the right pace and according to your priorities.

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