Increase production throughput and control live OEE

  • Identify bottlenecks and hurdles in real time
  • Manage live OEE (Availability, Quality, Efficiency)
  • Seamlessly collect data from automated and semi-automated, old and new machines.
  • Control manual production processes
  • Manage lead-time and production cycle-time
  • Increase planning accuracy with accurate finite-capacity control
  • Prioritize and manage tasks based on live accurate information
  • Improve SIOP planning process with automated integration and feedback loop
Increase Production Throughput

Efficiency improvement in a matter of weeks
with real-time manufacturing analytics


Increase in Machine
Utilization (OEE)


Lead Time


3 Months Return
of Investment

Balance Routine Maintenance
with Unexpected Fixes

  • Maximize resources and machine uptime
  • Get breakdown notifications to effectively manage next steps
  • Easily access multi-parameter data for faster problem diagnosis
  • Leverage digital documentation and preserve knowledge for all

Completely Paperless Factory
to Meet Your Shift’s Targets

  • Digitally track the progress of your targets and KPIs in real time
  • Enable operators to have full access to production documents & parameters
  • Enter stop reasons & rejects instantly to avoid data inaccuracies
  • Collaborate effortlessly with other teams for greater productivity

Consistently Ensure High Product Quality and Reduce Rejects

  • Unprecedented data availability with actionable QC insights
  • Trigger notifications based on production  quantity, timing, events
  • Define, capture, and analyze test results easily and quickly
  • Increase production quality, prediction and control in real time

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