In the journey to connect small and midsized manufacturers to Industry 4.0 technologies, FactoryEye is proud to connect with innovative manufacturing experts in our “Meet the Partners” series. In this segment, we had a conversation with Ryan Cahalane, President of Industrial Technology at Feyen Zylstra, to learn more about the manufacturing environment in the United States and how Industry 4.0 can help.

The world of manufacturing is experiencing a tremendous boom in increased globalization with output expected to increase in 2022 as companies ramp up post-pandemic production. Due to labor and supply chain shortages, many manufacturers are concerned about their supply chains, and for good reason. With ports backlogged and increasingly complex logistical puzzles to navigate, improving efficiency on the production floor is key for staying competitive. Another way for manufacturers to meet customer demand is by situating manufacturing operations near the last-mile customer. In fact, 83 percent of manufacturers indicated that they are quite likely to re-shore operations in the future, according to the 2021 Thomas State of North American Manufacturing Report.

With their reshoring and nearshoring efforts, many manufacturers want to pursue the most affordable route to establish operations, which often means taking advantage of local facilities with older technology. Redeveloping these properties reap many benefits for a manufacturer, such as a positive environmental impact and older facility assets that can be leveraged with modern technology. FactoryEye’s Industry 4.0 solution provides the backbone needed to leverage existing assets while keeping up with current and future market demands. This solution is an ‘active framework’ facilitating a wide range of technologies to work together.

“FactoryEye is able to combine and leverage previously siloed technology, ” said Ryan Cahalane, President of Industrial Technology at Feyen Zylstra. “They display an intense commitment and focus on customer satisfaction while advocating for the future of domestic manufacturing.” Feyen Zylstra, a partner with the FactoryEye team, understands the importance that Industry 4.0 technology has in empowering frontline workers to add unprecedented value. Today, virtually anyone, regardless of experience or education, can unlock and expediate operational improvements on the plant floor at a fraction of the cost or time.

Cahalane’s view on a value-driven workforce is reflective of the current American manufacturing space. Along with the labor shortage, the retirement of senior professionals has created a variety of labor gaps that can be mitigated with smart manufacturing solutions. This is the perfect opportunity for mid-sized manufacturers to explore automation and digital technologies for improving profitability and efficiency.

How Can FactoryEye’s Industry 4.0 Solution Help?

Regardless of the industry vertical, FactoryEye’s unique solution can be the first step for improving factory performance by providing full visibility and real time insights for mid-sized manufacturers. From food and beverage to plastics, automotive, and electronics, the Industry 4.0 benefits are universal. Some of the benefits that the FactoryEye solution provides include:

  • The elimination of siloed data
  • Real-time machine vision
  • Remote operations capabilities
  • Increased operational efficiency

Owing to their substantial staff, central engineering, and existing relationships, large manufacturers have more resources and connections when it comes to competitive technology, but mid-sized manufacturers deserve the same value,” explained Cahalane. “Democratizing affordable access to technologies like Industry 4.0 for mid-sized manufacturers is essential to the future of manufacturing in North America.”

Why FactoryEye?

FactoryEye’s legacy as a part of Magic Software along with their preferred target of the midmarket sets it apart from other Industry 4.0 integrators. Their comprehensive solution and integration capabilities makes them a great partner in the resurgence of manufacturing in North America.

On this solution, Cahalane said, “FactoryEye has a strong background as an integrator of systems. They provide the overlay and greatly increase the capability of existing assets without needing to fundamentally tamper with an operating infrastructure.”

A diversity of perspective

Ryan Cahalane possesses a diverse manufacturing perspective owing to his vast career experience as an end customer, plant and corporate level engineer, managing consultant, and product maker. Cahalane is passionate about environmentally friendly technology in an effort to increase sustainability in the manufacturing space. Feyen Zylstra and FactoryEye are great partners as they share similar values with the goal of improving mid-sized manufacturing in North America.

How do I get started with Industry 4.0?

If you are a mid-sized manufacturer and would like to find out more about FactoryEye please reach out on our website and you will hear from our team shortly. We cannot wait to show you how quick and efficient an Industry 4.0 transition can be for your team.